Main events.

Windfestival: scheduled for October 2015 2/3/4, sporting event in the fall that attracts children and young people from all parts of Italy and the world, including professionals, amateurs, exhibitors in the world of windsurfing, surfing, sup and beyond.
Competitions, music and fun. (

Fireworks: water surface dianese July on the occasion of the patronal feast of the Madonna del Carmine and in August to celebrate August.

De sbarattu: in the city center with typical market stalls outside exposed by merchants shop owners, with goods for sale at discounted prices occasional.

Flower Festival of Corpus Domini: A million rose petals that will cover more than 2000 square meters distributed along the streets of the city center representatives and religious figures of the Eucharist. 10:30 am Mass in the parish church of Diano Marina and follow, at 11:15 am, the procession in the city streets, with the participation of the music band “City of Diano Marina.”

Carnival: Every year in february.

The white night: event organized in more dates during the summer with music, shows and shop opening until late at night.

OlioOliva Imperia: New Oil Festival held in Imperia Oneglia where food stalls of all kinds are shown in all their goodness’ with absolute star “Oil Ligure”.

The white kitchen in Mendatica: to August a gastronomic journey to discover the specialties of the ancient civilization of the pastures, which will wind through the streets and squares characteristics of the country, offering the opportunity to enjoy all the flavors of transhumance.

The fair Candlemas: area of ​​the Sanctuary della Rovere. It is the oldest traditional fair of Liguria: historically linked at the beginning of the agricultural season, even today retains its original approach, in which large space is given to the sale of equipment for agriculture, livestock and poultry, seeds . Were added to the original stalls of street vendors, themes, events and attractions for young and old.

Festivals and traditional festivals: Villa Scarsella Diano Marina, Sagre a Diano Borganzo, a Diano Castello, a Diano Arentino, a Diano San Pietro.